New Aluminium Screens

Stretched right here in our premises in Tempe, Sydney, using the highest quality mesh and glue's only.
All screens are stretched to a tension of 22 newtons, but if you need higher or lower tension, just let us know

Standard Sizes...
500mm x 600mm (35mm x 35mm box aluminun)... Great for a standard size t-shirt print or smaller frame for workshop
590mm x 790mm (38mm x 38mm box aluminun)... Great for print shop who want to put 2 large t-shirt prints onto the 1 screen or medium frame for workshop
1000mm x 1000mm (40mm x 40mm box aluminun)... Great for anyone wanting to do large panel prints or larger frame for workshop

Mesh count and usage...
43T...Standard and Opaque fabric inks
54T...Standard fabric inks. Opaque fabric ink (fine detail)
62T...Standard fabric inks(fine detail) and plastisol ink (coarse)
77T...Standard fabric ink(super fine detail), Plastisol ink, Paper and board inks (coarse)
90T & 100T...Plastisol ink, Paper and board inks, Vinyl inks, Plastic inks
110T, 120T & 140T...Plastisol ink, Paper and board inks, Vinyl inks, Plastic inks (Halftone or fine detail)
150T, 165T, 180T & 200T... UV inks, Solvent inks (super fine detail)

White...has great "see through" and is great for all standard printing purposes especially if your using under 90T.  White mesh has problems holding detail above this due to "light bounce" during exposure.
Yellow...great for fine line-work and halftone printing as the yellow mesh soaks in the light bounce giving a cleaner and sharper looking image especially noticeable on mesh counts above 90T (exposure times should be approx 25% longer)

If you can not find a size to suit your needs here, we can custom make any size screen to your dimensions. Please phone us for a quote.


NOTE: Don't forget All our prices include GST