Leapfrog Inkspot are specialists in the service of re-meshing old frames/screens and the sale of new screens.  We can re-mesh your old aluminum frames and most old wooden frames. We can also recommend the correct mesh count and tension for the desired media you intend to print on. Our mesh counts range from 8T to 200T in both white and yellow mesh.

YES...we can re-mesh, lace up and stretch "Chase Frames".


We custom make new aluminum frames to suit any size you need be it from "10cm x 10cm" to "2m x 4m" and everything in between, using the correct aluminum profiles for the respective size frame. We can pre-bow your larger frames so higher tensions can be achieved without loss of print area and we can install "nutserts" in 6mm and 8mm thread sizes for the "bolting in" on automatic and semi automatic machinery.
We also have a range of 2nd hand frames for the budget minded. Sizes are very limited and we can re-size for a small fee if need be.



We can offer you the complete "coat and expose" experience (meaning we can transfer your artwork on to a screen ready to print).
We are able to print your designs onto film (or we can supply you the film to do so yourself), coat your screen with photosensitive emulsion and expose the screen (or educate yourself on how to do this) and finishing up to give you the professional, finished, "print ready" screen you need to get you printing at your business or home.


Always available, Always free. With over 20 years of screen-printing experience plus manufacture and distributor support, and many industry contacts...

help is just a phone call or email away.